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DaDane of DaWeek and the Great Dane Link Directory, serve over 2 million page-views a year!
DaDane of DaWeek

DaDane of DaWeek
A popular gathering place for the Great Dane community, DaDane of DaWeek features a wide range of imagery and content related to the breed. DaDane of DaWeek is updated every Monday with a new installment. Previous pages are archived and linked for easy viewing. The site was established in 1996 and features over 500 pages. It is visited on a regular basis by pet owners, breeders and exhibitors.

Great Dane Links Directory
Great Dane Links Directory
DaDane's "Great Dane Links" offers over 1000 links, sorted by category for easy browsing. Categories include health and welfare, breeding and genetics, clubs and organizations, rescue resources, breeder directories and personal pet sites.
Great Dane Portraits Great Dane Portraits
As a photo-based artist, I use my camera as a “sketch book.” A valued Great Dane portrait must be more than just a photographic likeness. It should reveal the true essence and beauty of the subject. It should speak to us on many levels – emotional, intellectual and aesthetic. For serious breeders, my portraits also provide a link between generations and highlight the importance of a celebrated lineage.
Great Dane Links Directory Dane Owner's Checklist
Wondering if your dog is really a Great Dane? You can find out by visiting the Dane Owner's Checklist. It's a humorous collection of observations from actual Dane owners (like me!) about what it's like to live with a Dane.
  Great Dane T-shirts, etc.
Your favorite DaDane photos and illustrations are available on T-shirts and sweatshirts. Visit the DogWare web site to see our latest designs. These shirts make great gifts!