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Welcome to the Great Dane Links Directory!
You'll find over 1000 links here. The Directory is divided into 10 categories:

  • My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
    Does yours?

    We tried various brands of "glucosamine with chondriotin" pills on our elderly Great Dane, Merlin, and he didn't get the relief we were looking for – until we switched to a special LIQUID formulation.

    I highly recommend a liquid glucosamine with chondroitin formula to anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Liquid formulations offer a much faster and more efficient absorption rate compared to pills.

    Merlin, who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is feeling much better now, and I'm completely sold on the product!
                          — Ginnie Saunders

    Click here to learn more

    Great Dane & Canine Health Links
    From A to Z, this page has hundreds of links to serious canine diseases and disorders. (Arthritis, bloat, cardiomyopathy, hip displasia, Lyme, lymphoma, osteosarcoma, pyometria, thyroid, Wobblers syndrome, and von Willebrand's, just to name a few.)

  • Great Dane Breeders: North American Listing
    Looking for a puppy? A comprehensive list of websites belonging to Great Dane breeders in the United States and Canada. Links to over 100 breeders. Sorted by state and province.

  • Great Dane Breeders: International Listing
    From Argentina to Thailand, this pages takes you to Great Dane breeders around the world. Listed by country.

  • Great Dane Welfare Issues
    Geared towards Great Danes and other large breed dogs, this directory page offers sections on breeding, genetics, diet, puppies, training, useful publications, and more.

  • Miscellaneous Canine Links
    This section covers more generalized canine resources on the web. The best large canine "portal" sites are listed, along with sites about alternative medicine, animal rights, pet loss, canine recreation activities, separation anxiety, travel, etc.

  • Great Dane Rescue Organizations
    If you are considering adopting a "rescue" Dane, or if you need to place an abandoned Dane, this page offers links to North American rescue organizatons.

  • Great Dane Clubs
    An international listing of Great Dane clubs and organizations.

  • Show Danes
    Links to web pages featuring "professional" Great Danes that compete in the show ring.

  • Pet Danes
    While they may not appear in the show ring, many Great Danes have their own web pages. Recent statistics indicate that more Great Danes have an online presence than do their owners. (Woof!)

  • Canine Humor, Entertainment & Shopping
    When you are looking for Great Dane or canine merchandise, or if you just want a few laughs, this page offers links to some of the better sites.

Note: Bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus) is a serious and often fatal condition affecting Great Danes. Great Danes run 40 times the risk of bloat compared to mixed-breed dogs. They have the highest bloat incidence of all dog breeds. As a Dane owner, you should learn all you can about this life-threatening condition. Please visit our Bloat Links page for a list of links to bloat-related websites.

If you would like to submit a website to the Great Dane Links Directory, please send the site's web address along with a brief description to

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