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 Created: 05/01/06


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— Enough, Already! — 

May 1, 2006 – As you can see above , Simon (D and T's Von Shoaf American Idol) is hollering because Maud has monopolized DaDane of DaWeek throughout the last two installments. He sent me this note:

"Maud, Maud, Maud – yack, yack, yack – she's had all the attention! I got only one mention last week, and nothing the week before! What am I, chopped liver? I'm a nice dog, too, you know... a very nice dog. I do have my foibles but, hey, who doesn't? Don't get me wrong, I love Maud. I was very lonely before she came to live with us and I am much happier now that I have such a smart sister to rely on. In fact, I think of her more as a mother figure. She is, after all, four years older than me and I'll be the first to admit she is much more mature. But maturity is over-rated, don't you think? I get away with doing a lot of wacky things simply because I'm a lot younger. My unbridled enthusiasm is not only tolerated but encouraged – well, sometimes, anyway. Most of the time I just tell them, 'Boys will be boys,' and they usually accept that.

Look at me, I'm a trickster
I came up with a marvelous trick that I like to perform during breakfast. While somebody is innocently sitting at the kitchen counter eating a bagel, I quietly sneak onto the couch behind them. (They haven't a clue I'm there!) Then I ever-so-stealthily climb right up onto the back of the couch. It's a little hard to balance myself way up there like a cat would, but I don't have to do it for long because from that amazing height I can place one foot on the kitchen counter to stabilize myself while I LOOM over my victim and lick their ear. (The bagel is, of course, my object of interest, not the person.) This move usually results in startled laughter and – when I am lucky – a piece of the aforementioned bagel. Aren't I tricky? Here is a picture of me with Gramma Lugo. She's wise to most of my tricks by now, but she still shares her breakfast. That's because she loves me. (Everyone does.)

I'm a climber, too
I love to climb things and I am very good at it. I learned how from watching our cat, Jezebel. She used to have a bed on top of my crate in the master bedroom. At bedtime every night, without fail, she would jump from the master bed to her comfy nest on top of my crate. Meanwhile, I would settle into my crate on one side of the master bed while Maud settled into her crate on the opposite side. One night it occurred to me that Jezebel had the best sleeping spot in the room. Move over, Jezebel! I jumped up onto the master bed and from there I climbed on top of my crate. I've been sleeping up there ever since. Greg and Mary were a little perturbed at first, as was Jezebel, but they adapted. (My crate had to be reinforced to ensure it could handle my weight.) I should mention that Maud was delighted by the development. You see, from the very day she arrived, Maud always coveted my crate because you can't miss anything coming or going when you are in that spot. It's next to a window and it also provides a great view straight out the bedroom door and right down the hall. When I moved to the top of my crate, Maud immediately took over the lower level. That's where she wanted to be all along. Sometimes Maud actually sleeps right on the bed with Greg and Mary, but I'm not jealous because even then, I am higher than she is. And high matters.

I'm a birder
Fortunately Ms. Jezebel quickly forgave me for taking over her bed and she proved it by bringing me a bird – a real live bird! Now this pleased me more than you can ever know. I had been bird watching ever since I came to live here, but I had never caught a bird, much less tasted one. We have an arrangement now. Here's how it works: Jezebel hunts birds from the backyard while I entertain myself inside. Jezebel captures her prey and bursts into the house. I hear the bird protesting and leap to my feet. I chase Jezebel (she likes me to) while Mary chases me (I like her to). Jezebel drops the bird as soon as I am close enough to snatch it up and then she settles in to watch the rest of the show. Mary chases me around the house a few times while I keep glancing over my shoulder giving her my best why-are-you-chasing-me-there's nothing-in-my-mouth look. Finally, I flee through the back door and we continue our merry chase all around the backyard. (I am sure the captive birdies enjoy this because all the while, they flap their wings in my mouth and chirp encouraging words.) But all good things must come to an end. I permit Mary to catch me. She tells me to release the bird. I spit it out and it flies way – unless it has drowned. I hate it when they drown, but that hardly ever happens, thank goodness.

Life is good
I lead a charmed life here in San Luis Obispo. I love my people, Mary and Greg Lugo; I love my sisters, Maud and Jezebel; I love my house and my backyard – in short, I LOVE MY LIFE! I have many more stories to tell but it's time for a nap. Maybe I'll come back another day. Bye-bye for now.

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