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 Created: 02/21/05


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Greenville Kennel Club Show – 

February 21, 2005 – I drove up to Greenville, SC, yesterday to attend the Greenville Kennel Club's All Breed Show. Of course, I went for the Great Danes. I also wanted to see the Basset Hounds, but they were showing at the same time in another ring, so I missed them.

Below are some photos from the Open Classes. You can go to the next page to see photos from the Best of Breed competition.

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Jerdans Star Lil Gem Jade

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Almosta-Blk's Electric Blue

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Von Shrado's Red Neck Woman

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KDR Tarheel Tobacco Road V My Jon

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Jerdans Ready To Rumble V Dane Acres

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Seventh Heavens Chick Magnet

The above photos were from the Open Classes.
The next page has photos from the Best of Breed competition.

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