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 Created: 12/15/03


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– Their Very First Christmas

December 15, 2003 – When they heard a strange noise in the living room late at night on Christmas Eve, Woof and Wags went on high alert. Though they were still youngsters, they knew it was their sacred duty to protect their home. As the sounds grew louder, they crept over to the fireplace where their Christmas stockings were hung. Quietly, they watched and waited, knowing something big was about to happen. Yes, they were a little scared, but as soon as the fat man in the funny red suit emerged from the chimney, Woof and Wags put their fear aside and POUNCED.

Poor Santa didn't stand a chance. He hit the floor – hard! When he finally came to his senses, he looked up to see two inquisitive Great Dane puppies staring down at him.

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