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 Created: 10/13/03


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– Digital Montage –

October 13, 2003 – I've been working with a new technique that enables me to build a picture using thousands of miniature photos. The digital montage above began with a photograph of "Dukes of Havoc" from the Reliant Dog Show(s) in Houston this summer. The resulting image is comprised of hundreds of photos of Great Danes, all of which were taken during the Reliant shows over a three day period. If you will distance yourself from your monitor, the original photo should come into better focus for you.

Due to the small size on your screen, you won't be able to view the teeny photographs, so I am including an enlarged detail to give you a better idea of how the photo-grid works. This detail was taken from the area right below the eye and to the right of the dark muzzle; it consists of 25 photos. When the digital montage is printed to a larger size, such as 16 x 20 inches, each of the small photographs is well defined and easy enough to recognize at close range. However, when you move far enough away from the print, the small photos blend together and the original picture emerges. Fun stuff, huh?

My Booth at the GDCA National Specialty
I'll be heading to Orlando on Saturday to attend the GDCA National for a week. (Wha-hoo!) A few days ago I decided it might be fun to have my own booth while I'm there, so please look me up. I am bringing lots of Dane prints with me and some of my other photography. Please support this "starving artist" and buy something! Or at least stop by and say hello. That'll be just as good. Unfortunately I won't be in the main tent because I waited way too long to reserve my space, so you'll find me in the OTHER tent. In fact, I am pretty lucky they let me into ANY tent at this late date. To tell you the truth, I have mixed feelings about maintaining a booth because whenever I go to the Nationals, I spend most of my time photographing the Danes. Can't do that as much this year when there's a booth to look after. We'll see how it goes.

DaDane Prints
I am working on a new web site for my Dane prints and I hope to have something online within the next couple of days, so those of you who inquired about "Portrait in Black" – and other prints – please check back here for full details.

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