Pajama Party!
January 22, 2001 – After a night of mischief, Phlash was utterly and completely exhausted. When he invited Maud and Mabel over to play, he never intended for them to spend the night. He just figured they'd romp around the yard a few times, sniff each other's butts, tell some outrageous lies, maybe chase a few squirrels – and then stretch out in the sun for a nice snooze. By sundown they'd both be gone and he'd settle down to a nice dinner and spend the rest of the evening sacked out on the couch.

But THEY had other ideas. He should have suspected something when Maud stepped out of the car carrying a bag of popcorn and dozen Scooby Doo videos. And Mabel? There she was with a stupid grin on her face, clutching a giant box of dog biscuits and dragging along a big stuffed pillow. He should have told them right then and there to get back in the car and go home. Ah, but he didn't. Phlash will be the first to admit he's always had "a thing" for Harlequins... but maybe it's time to reconsider his predilection. Sure, Harls are pretty to look at, but these two? They never even went to sleep! After all the romping, sniffing and chasing, they announced it was time to go into the house and get down to the serious business of jumping on the furniture, stuffing themselves with dog biscuits (and anything else they could find!), watching cartoons, and telling off-color jokes. Oh, and did he mention their excessive drooling? Let's not forget that! Well, that's the last time he's inviting these two girls over to his house. If Phlash doesn't see another Harl-lette for the rest of his life, it will be too soon...

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