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 Created: 09/20/09


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— Nice, France —

September 20, 2009 – Nice, with its gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, rich architectural heritage, mouth-watering Niçoise cuisine and colorful outdoor markets, is the largest city on the famed French Riviera. I loved every minute of Nice, but I especially enjoyed exploring the maze of narrow streets in the atmospheric old section of the city known as "Vieux Ville." It was dusk when we first arrived. We were hungry so we set off to find a good place to dine. Here's a bit of what we saw along the way:

Nice, like most cities in Europe, is very pet-friendly. As long as they're leashed and well-behaved, dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome in hotels, restaurants, outdoor markets, indoor shops, buses, trams and trains. Most of the dogs we saw in Nice were quite small, though:

For me, people-watching is usually a lot more fun than dog-watching:

During the summer months Nice's endless blue sky, brilliant azure water and white pebbled beach attracts a diverse mix of tourists, swimmers and sunbathers:

And yes, the water really is that blue! I did some shooting as I strolled along the "Promenade des Anglais" which overlooks Nice's pebbled beachfront. The beach stretches uninterrupted along the coastline for more than 4 miles:

Modesty is not a big issue along Nice's shoreline. Some women still prefer topless sunbathing but those women now seem to be in the minority. Many of the topless sunbathers were well over 40 and their skin looked, quite frankly, pretty sun damaged. The younger women tended to keep their tops on and I suspect they used a lot more sunscreen.

Moving on, below are a few more scenes from the Vieux Ville:

I can only give you my impressions of a place based on where I stood, what I saw and what I shot during a relatively short period of time. Nice was truly a pleasure. If you've managed to get through all of these photos, I thank you for indulging me.

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