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 Created: 06/02/08


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— On the Road Again

June 2, 2008 — I can hardly believe this myself, but we are in transit yet again — on our way to a 4 month "living experience" in Delmenhorst, Germany. It has been really hectic trying to get ready for such an extended absence. As such, I wasn't able to create anything new for this week's DaDane installment. Instead, I'm displaying one of my latest works, Grotto. It's composed of approximately 10 digital photographs, overlapped via 32 separate layers, and it's part of a new body of work that can be viewed here. This year I've been entering national and international juried shows, and with good success.

I'm excited about the prospect of collecting and building more imagery while living in Europe. I'd also love to meet Great Dane owners from various countries, since we expect to take many side trips. Over the next 3 years, we'll spend 10 months in Germany. Wow! I speak no German, only French, so I am a little nervous about that. Hopefully I'll pick up enough vocabulary to get by. I'll probably embarrass myself in the process. This is where we'll be living: The Hanse.

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