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 Created: 02/18/08


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Tiger with his dumbell


Specialty HIT Colras Full Attention Req'd v. CJ CD, RN, CGC, TDI

February 18, 2008 — This week's DaDane is a continuation of last week's story about Tiger, as told to us by his owner/handler, Chantel Johnson:

Tiger's "Dog Treat" Commercial
In addition to performing the required behaviors for the commercial shoot, Tiger had to do nearly all of it while wearing a fat suit! He had two of them, a self-colored black one for the outdoor scenes and a yellow one for the gym scenes. When he was in the gym scenes Tiger wore sweat bands, too. He had to do everything without being afraid of any of the huge, looming equipment. He had to be trusted off lead, cooperate with the producers, actors and film crew, plus he had to work well with Aphrodite, the poodle. He worked a full, long day. We didn't realize it takes about 12 hours to make a 30 second commercial.

Watch Tiger's commercial!

Also, you might enjoy viewing some still shots we took that day…

Preparing for the shoot
The set was crowded with lots of crew and equipment.
Here the director sets up the first scene while the crew gets light readings.
Tiger is watching me off-set for cues. Aphrodite is watching her owner, too.

Tiger and Aphrodite

Tiger and his co-star. It took all morning to get this scene
and then it wasn't even used in the final commercial!

Tiger in his fat suit
Tiger in his hideous "fat suit" with the actor.

Tiger in his gym suit
The costume designer putting the final touches on Tiger's gym suit.

Tiger with his dumbell.
After suiting up, Tiger holds a big Styrofoam dumbbell in his mouth.

On the treadmill
He also does a workout on a specially constructed treadmill
as shown here with his dad, Stacey.

Tiger and ChantelHere I am (Chantel) tossing Tiger a treat for the catching scene. I am out of frame!

Muscle scene
The actor, now in his “muscle suit,” gives Tiger a treat before the next scene.

Boy meets girl
The final scene where the buff man and well-conditioned dog
impress the pretty lady and her poodle.

It's a wrap!
CUT! It’s a wrap!! What a GOOD DOG!!!

If you'd like to see more of Tiger, please visit him at his web page. And while you're there, why not drop in on Tiger and the rest of his family.

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