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 Created: 03/12/07


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March 12, 2007 — This week's DaDane features Challangers China Moon, a lovely two-year-old who competed in Open Bitches at the 2006 GDCA National. Once again, I'm fiddling around with various methods of minimizing those distracting backgrounds that we all have to deal with when we're shooting ringside.

For this week's photo I desaturated the background, knocking out all the color. I then warmed the grayscale to better compliment the brindle coat. Finally, I applied some blurring and brightening.

You can see that original photograph really wasn't too bad, especially considering where it was shot. In fact, I would guess that some of you might prefer it, at least for advertising purposes. Feel free to express your opinions in the comments area. I just might learn something.

Speaking of Advertising...
One of my favorite people in Great Dane rescue, the very charming Sandy Suarez, has bared it all (well, almost all) to help raise funds for her organization, Great Dane Rescue Inc. As you know, breed rescues are constantly struggling to meet their expenses. It's never easy. Sandy's group, based in Plymouth, Michigan, shelled out $70,000 last year in donation-based monies just for medical expenses alone. (Wow!) So, as part of a new fundraising effort, Great Dane Rescue Inc. just published its very first Risqué Rescue Volunteer Calendar. It covers the 2008 calendar year.

In case you haven't already guessed, the calendar features naked people with their naked Danes. The naked people (brave rescue members) have managed to maintain a bit of modesty with some well-placed props. Meanwhile, the Danes don't really care if they are naked. If fact, a few of them might be embarrassed by their own props and prefer to remain naked. Just ask the blushing bumble-bee Dane.

Hopefully I've aroused your curiosity enough to motivate you to check out the Calendar. If you need one more little push, I'll let you in on a little secret. A marvelous little lady named Jean Suarez appears in the calendar, too. She just happens to be Sandy's 78-year-old mom. Now that's dedication to a cause — no ifs, ands, or (ahem) butts!

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