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 Created: 04/10/06


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— Girls Just Wanna Have Fun — 

April 10, 2006 – This week's DaDane features six-year-old Maud, CH Chroma Maid to Order, CGC, who first appeared five+ years ago on DaDane of DaWeek in Pajama Party and Unjustly Accused; she later appeared in Operation Hoover. I first met Maud at the 2000 Nationals in JP Yousha's hotel room where she was jumping wildly from bed to bed. (It was Maudie jumping, not JP.) To characterize Maud as "lively" would have been an understatement. Her exuberant energy practically lit up the room.

A couple of years ago Maud left her beloved breeder, JP, and retired to San Luis Obispo, CA, to reside quite happily with co-owners Mary and Greg Lugo. It was a good move and she continues to lead a charmed life, as you'll soon see. I photographed Maud as she performed in the parades at the 2005 National. Afterwards, I created the photomontage for Mary (shown above) to commemorate the wonderful time they shared together in the ring.

Maud has many surprising talents, not the least of which is her ability to write modestly and intelligently. Here we have a few excerpts from her diary, which was recently discovered by Mary; It was tucked under the one of the couch cushions:


BISS CH Chroma Maid to Order, TDI, CGC

Who says you can’t be beautiful and smart!
My name is Chroma Maid to Order, or “Maud” to those of you who know me personally. I’m a six and a half year old Champion Harlequin Great Dane, and I am very beautiful. I was bred and trained by JP Yousha and I now live with Greg and Mary Lugo. Many of my relatives in the Chromadane line have multiple performance and conformation titles. Chromadane is well known for combining brains and beauty.

It has not always been easy for me to hide my innate intelligence and play the dumb beauty queen.
My mother, Tia, is a now a Venerable Dane. My half brother Pirate is another BISS Champion. He has enough letters after his name to start his own alphabet. I haven’t even mentioned Picabo and Fanny. My brother Guidon is about to finish his third UD leg... and these are just the “older generation.” You wouldn’t believe all the things the “pups” are doing!

Under Cover
I have had to work hard to stay under the radar and maintain my "Barbie Dane" image. I didn’t get the nickname 'Naughty Maudie' without a lot of hard work and imagination. We all have to be good at something – and being stunningly beautiful is enough for me.

When I was four years old I moved from Texas to the central coast of California to become a Beach Bunny. Life is good here. I am appreciated for my beauty, and I have a young male Harlequin to worship me. But sometimes I get irked at all this fuss about Dual Titled Danes so I thought I would share with you some of my other accomplishments.

My VST's (Very Special Titles)
You may not have heard about these titles before (although I’m sure many of your dogs are already quite adept ) so I will briefly explain them:

PP - Pillow Princess
This title is obtained by consistently being able to artfully arrange 6 pillows on a king size bed, then lying on all 6 pillows without leaving room for an other dog (or person) to lie down.

CCF - Countess of Cat Food
This title is obtained by carefully, and in a controlled manner, jumping up on the table and eating all of the cat food from a teacup sized bowl. This action must be performed with all four paws on the top of the table and without pushing the bowl onto the floor.

DD - Duchess of Dirt
This title is obtained by changing the color of the muzzle from pink and white to dark brown within one day of being groomed. The remainder of the body may also be involved in the color change, but no extra points are awarded.

GG - Goddess of the Guard
This title is obtained by being able to warn the household of all intruders and calling other household pets to their posts without ever leaving her position on 6 artfully arranged pillows on a king-sized bed.

QMC - Queen Mother of Cats
This title is obtained by being so determined not to loose her position on the bed that she will allow a cat to curl up against her stomach and sleep (one of the most difficult titles).

SS - Saint of Silly
This title is obtained in many different ways, some of which include throwing your toys into the air and jumping up to catch them, entering a room with such a flourish that everyone will notice and applaud, and making everyone around you smile.

All of these titles can be obtained at a Companion, Excellent, and Utility level.


AKC Champion

I finished my championship with a BISS and BOB's from the classes, taking most of my points at Specialty Shows. I defeated 6 Specials (including 3 Top 20 Danes) to take a BISS from Open Harl, was BOW twice at Specialties and then finished with two four-point majors (defeating 26 bitches to finish).

TDI Therapy Dog

I think it’s important to contribute to the community. Volunteer work is a very necessary job.

Canine Good Citizen
Well, what can I say, good citizenship is everyone’s responsibility.

Iron Dog’s Camp -
Best Canine Freestyle Dog

What did you expect? I didn’t go to camp to play with a frisbee or chase tennis balls.

AKC Veteran

This year I took a ribbon in Veteran’s Bitch at the 2005 GDCA National Specialty.

West Coast Musical Dog Sports
I am a founding member of the canine freestyle dance team. We do public demos to introduce people to yet another fun activity they can enjoy with their dogs.


I have started practicing Rally-O to maintain my lovely figure. Mary is beginning to catch on that I’m as smart as I am beautiful. Oh well, beauty can be fleeting, but smart lasts forever...


I think Maud inherited her talkativeness from her breeder, JP, who (as is often the case) has a few comments of her own to add:

As you've seen, Maud has many talents, but having puppies didn't turn out to be one of them, unfortunately. Mary and Greg Lugo patiently waited for a Maudie pup through three attempts to see her bred. So after the third failure, when I had to disappoint them yet again and ask them to wait for the next litter, well, I was hating to make that phone call.

When I called to break the news, Mary suggested I think about letting them have Maud instead. At first I rejected the idea. I had no plans to place Maud and, spayed or not, I was very attached to her. But I knew the Lugos had recently lost an older girl and their young male was at sea without her, so getting an adult instead of a puppy suddenly made a lot of sense.

The Lugos knew a lot about my dogs and they were already very fond of Maud. It was clear they would make her the centerpiece of their world and provide a really super home. They promised to continue the therapy work she loved and maybe even "dabble" in other activities. Plus, they lived on the beach (Maud's favorite place) while I lived in a near-desert, her least favorite kind of environment. So, once I got used to the idea, it seemed an ideal match.

But "Momma-Bear" that I am, I told them they could have her without cost, but ONLY if they came to my home, spent the weekend and let me observe them with her. They needed to understand there were no promises to be made about actually taking her home with them. Nice people that they are, they didn't think me crazy for asking them to drive halfway across the USA just to look at a dog.

When the Lugos arrived, not only did all my dogs love them, but Mary walked in with a fuzzy Barbie purse. Maud grabbed the handle and ran wildly around the house with her present, only to come to rest in Mary's lap on the couch. It was obvious from the start that Maud was voting to go wherever Mary went – it was just one of those love matches. And that's how it happened that Maud moved to California.

Fast-forwarding – I loved showing Maud at the 2005 National. I was so grateful Mary gave me the chance not only to show Maud, but just to see her and hug on her again! Maud was a joy to handle – totally "push button," even though she hadn't been shown for four years. But my favorite moment at the National was watching Maud and Mary in Parades. Unprompted, Maud took a "victory lap" around the ring all by herself, at a perfect trot, as if she had an invisible handler on her, while Mary watched in astonishment. She then returned to Mary and looked up at her as if to say, "Don't worry Dear. I know you're new at this, so I covered for you."    — jpY

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