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 Created: 10/24/05


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2005 GDCA National Specialty

October 24, 2005 – Last week's GDCA National Specialty, which was held in Chandler, AZ, was very exciting. Many of us are home by now, while others are still on the road. We wish them safe travel.

I enjoyed seeing old friends and the 600+ Great Danes in attendance. Members of GDCA's Western Division, which hosted the event, worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly. They must be exhausted from all the work, but they can take pride in the quality of the show because it was so well done.

In my view, all the Danes in attendance were winners, but some won REALLY big. Below is a rundown of the major titles:

CH Warwick's Truley Scrumtious
(CH Winfall's Bet Twice V Warwick x CH Warwick's Niteshade at Jacamo)
Breeders: Doug & Anne Toomey
Owners: Robert & Linda Tonnancour, Kathy Varian, Anne Toomey
Doug Toomey

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CH Owlwatch All That Jazz
(CH Wsiwyg's Lothario V Longo x CH Weidane's A Gala At Owlwatch)
Breeders/Owners:  P. Jane & Phillip J. Gray
Handler:  Patrice Lawrence

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CH Avanti's All For One Elan
(CH Helisain Monsieur x CH Avanti's Taylor Dane)
Breeders: Artisee & Lisa Foltz, John Gerszewski
Owners: Bob & Linda Tonnancour, Lisa Foltz

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Fleckenhaus Aries
(Quincy Adams Von Bonehenge x Fleckenhaus Brocad V Uno)
Breeder: Sherron Higham-Trejo, Claire Hazlett
Owner: Sherron Higham-Trejo, Pete Trejo
Handler: Mari Lynn Davisson

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Jerdan's Irresistible Jade
(CH Elan's Nash Bridges Royhl x CH Jerdan's Sophisticated Jade)
Breeders:  Jose Ribo, Sue Holestin
Owner:  Jose Ribo
Handler:  Jose Ribo

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Seventhheaven VZTop's Pacific 2J Rollin' Stone
(CH Our Danes Fury x CH VZTops Autumn of Seventh Heaven)
Breeders:  Glenn & Cindy Niske, Lorraine Rainwater
Owners: H. James, T. James, J. Rouse, L. Rainwater, C. Niske
Handler:  Lorraine Rainwater

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(Click here to see more photos of little "Mick" from last week)

Lagarada's California Gold
(BISS AKC/UKC/Intl CH Lagarada's Aspen Gold, ROM x CH Lagarada's Show Stopper)
Breeder:  Fran Lass
Owners: Tim Sutherland, Eric Evangelista, Fran Lass
Handler: Larry Schram

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CH Warwick's Truley Scrumptious

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CH Sunstrike Cherries Jubilee

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CH Aldawn's I'm The Intruder

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CH Sasdania-Vitag's Frozen Asset

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CH Obsidian's Power House

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CH Rika-Lera Humphrey Bogart

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CH Wiedanes Tootsies Orchid Lounge

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CH GMJ's The Five Card Stud

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CH Maitau's All Eyes On Sundance

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CH Standbyme's Believe In Magic

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CH Orion's EZ Cash

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CH Dewitt's Court Blue Print
More to come
I took over 5000 photographs last week, mostly at ringside. I'll be showing some of my favorites here in the following weeks.

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