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 Created: 02/07/05


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Coral Loves Barclay – 

February 7, 2005 – This week's DaDane features a delightful photograph taken by Joanne Blair, in which four-year-old Coral (BIS BISS CH Harley D's Eat Your Hardt Out TD) gives a gentle kiss to six-year-old Barclay (CH Legacy Keighley Highland Legend). Both Danes belong to Joanne, who lives in Olympia, Washington. Joanne writes:

Coral and Barclay
Coral, the "talking" Great Dane, is my dream-of-a-lifetime dog. She moans and groans her way through life, loving everyone she meets. Coral and I are attached at the hip, and she vocalizes her pleasure every time I come home. While
she is first and foremost my beloved companion, Coral has also enjoyed tremendous success in the show ring. She has three All-Breed Best in Shows and four Specialty Best in Shows, plus 17 Group 1's. In 2003, she was the number two Dane in all-breed points and number seven in breed points – all owner-handled. She earned her TD title (Tracking Dog) at seven months, and she's now ready to test for the TDX title (Tracking Dog Excellent), a very difficult feat in itself. Coral is the proud mother of eight beautiful puppies from last year, and she is expecting her second litter any day now.

Barclay was my experimental brindle in a sea of fawns. <g> I added him because Hank was dying, and I couldn't (still can't) imagine living without a male Dane. He's from my original mentor's lines, Trish Thurow of Legacy Great Danes in Georgia. Barclay, who lives to hunt squirrels, is the most phenomenal Uncle/Grandpa in the whole world! Probably the most remarkable thing about him is his fabulous temperament. He has helped out with Coral's puppies – even allowing them to 'nurse' on him – and he happily babysits Coral's 8-month-old, rotten-to-the-core daughter, Bubbles. The dog knows no enemies. He adores everyone he meets, including ALL dogs. He's just a total goober in stripes.

I let my Dogs be Dogs
I have four Danes. Many people are amazed by how much freedom they are allowed. All four can be turned loose at the dog park, without worry. The dogs all live harmoniously together at home – no separate yards, baby gates, crates, and no squabbles over food (they eat within feet of each other). While dog shows are a large portion of my DogLife, enjoying life everyday with them is so much more important. Letting our Danes be dogs once in a while is really quite healthy.

Joanne Blair

Coral's puppies are due Wednesday, but they could come a little sooner, or a little later. Joanne has promised to send us a birth announcement, which I'll put online right here. Maybe she'll even include a picture!

Off Topic...
Did any of you see the news coverage last week about the Semester at Sea vessel that was slammed by a huge (~65 ft!) wave in the middle of the north Pacific? It was carrying 990 people. Well, my friends, that was the Explorer, the VERY SHIP we traveled on all summer long!

The giant wave, which struck in the wee hours of the morning, knocked out windows on the Bridge, which is the ship's operating center. Sea water flooded in and shorted the electronic controls, disabling all four engines and taking out the navigation system, too. Fortunately, the highly-skilled engineers onboard were able to establish emergency steering to avoid a potentially catastrophic "knock down."

If you want the inside story, visit this website and click through to some of the passenger's blogs. All the blogs are worth a read, but I most value those written by Marjorie, Amie-June, and Catherine. Be sure to scroll down and read the sections within those blogs that deal with The WAVE. I'm betting you will be amazed by the quality of the writing and the vivid descriptions. I certainly was.

Puppy Update
Coral gave birth to five fawn puppies – two boys and three girls – on Thursday, February 10. Joanne reports that everyone is doing well. Congratulations to Coral and Joanne!

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