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Farewell to Sunny and Deke – 

December 6, 2004 – Anita and Rick Brown of Blue Moon Danes recently lost two of their oldest and most beloved canine companions, Sunny and Deke. They were littermates and almost eleven years old. My heart aches for Anita because I know how very much she loved those two. Her life won't be quite the same without them, but she has many good memories to cherish.

CH Blue Moon's Proclaim the Glory
By Anita Brown

November 3, 2004 – CH Blue Moon's Proclaim the Glory passed away in his sleep the Sunday night before the GDCA National Specialty. He had his bath that weekend, his nails done (which he was always so good about), and his facial hair clipped. He knew he was going on a trip and he was soooo excited. He had been doing well after a bout of arthritis for which Adequan had done miracles.

Sunday night, he whirled and twirled like a youngster for his dinner. He always made me wish that I had something in my life that I got so excited about every day, twice a day. Sunday night he went to sleep and just did not wake up again. He was lying there so peaceful that I fixed his breakfast and asked him if he was hungry, but he was just gone.

For those of you who didn't know Deke, you missed a great dog. He was the first dog I ever personally finished – breeder/owner handled all the way. He never did better than a reserve with professional handlers. He saved all the point wins for us to do together.

Deke had a way of cocking his head, bright eyed and neck arched when he would see my hand go into my pocket. His beautiful white face which contrasted so lovely with his blue coat. He loved the applause and was so happy in the ring. The whole reason I was going to the National was to give him one last fling in competitive Veterans because I knew it would mean so much to him, and to me. I wanted to make just one more memory. Deke should have been there again, but he had another trip to make.

Deacon was a great dog and a wonderful friend. Our house is much emptier without him. He would have been 11 in January. His sister, Sunny, is still with us but has been diagnosed with bone cancer and her time is limited. They both mean more to me than I can ever express and I just thank God that I had them for this time. I am not sure what I will do without them.

Thank you all for the many times you supported Deke in Parades, Veterans and Breeds. He loved your applause and you made him feel so special. He was a wonderful friend and taught me so much. He was loved...

Anita and Rick

Blue Moon's Morning Glory CD, CGC
By Anita Brown

November 30, 2004 – After a bout with bone cancer, Sunny joined her brother Deacon this weekend. Some of you didn't know her, some knew her by sight as the wild blue veteran that had such a wonderful time in the parades, and some of you actually knew her and what a close bond we had. She was the dog that could read my mind. She was the one who slept with me each night. She was the one that I called my best.

Sunny should have been a champion. She definitely was good enough, but the fates conspired to give her a strange illness just when she should have been out in the ring going strong. She recovered, but precious time was lost for picking up the majors. She collected 7 National trophies with wins in both conformation and obedience which included two firsts in Open blue and Veterans obedience, but she really didn't care as she was just doing it because she wanted to be with me. Her favorite show time was when we went in the parade rings. I will always remember when she got the zoomies in Kentucky as she went ballistic during "Just the Way You Look Tonight." People laughed and cried as they watch the veteran scooting like a pup across the ring. She was irrepressible at times. She made me laugh.

Anyway, I wanted to let our friends know. Sunny has gone to join Deke, but both will always be a big part of my life and a hole in my heart. They were from my Gulliver/BGlory litter. Both gave and taught me so much. They would have been 11 on January 17th.

You are my Sunshine,
My only Sunshine.
You made me happy when skies were gray.
You never know Dear, how much I love you.
Please don't take my Sunshine away.

Anita and Rick

Anita sent me a note last night in which she said,

"I just got in from a weekend of showing in Belleville. My Savvy/Luca twins had a fantastic weekend. They are Deke's grandkids and the next set of twins to carry on and be something special. Smokes (Blue Moon's Havana Smoke and Glory) went WD and BOW for a major on Saturday which had me on Cloud 9. Then he repeated on Sunday, and the winners bitch he defeated for BOW on Sunday was his sister Rue (Blue Moon's Aruba Glory)!!!! First of all, I have never had back-to-back majors, and then to win BOTH sides of a major with kids I own and bred was just incredible! Somehow I had a feeling Deke and Sunny had some influence on that and they were arranging one last and great Christmas gift from them. It did feel like a little bit of a miracle!"

I feel sure that somewhere in the "Great Beyond" Sunny and Deke are lovingly watching over Anita and Rick, brimming with gratitude for the wonderful years they had together.

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