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 Created: 03/08/04


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– Jumping Diva –

March 8, 2004 – Who says you can't teach an "old dog" new tricks? At the age of 7 or 8, many Danes start winding down and settling into a more sedentary lifestyle. But not Penelope! Her mom, Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett, explains:

Daneridge's Penelope Steele, CGC "Penelope"

Not to be outdone by her Champion, Agility-titled daughter (Lava), Penelope starts Agility training at 7 1/2 years young!

I wasn't sure just how she would take to training, but knew one thing was for sure... if it meant having the chance to be the center of attention, Penelope would surely SHINE! And that's just what she did!

I scheduled a few training sessions with Lava's trainer, who was pleasantly surprised:

"Suzzane came to me about a month ago and asked if we could begin Agility lessons with her 7 1/2 year old Great Dane. I was a bit skeptical but knew that Suzzane did lots of hiking with her girls so decided to give it a whirl. Oh my! Penelope has such enthusiasm, athleticism and heart. What a girl!  In just 3 sessions she is sequencing 4 obstacles. Negotiates the dogwalk like she has been doing it all her life. It is hard to believe this young girl is almost 8 years old! It is truly a treat to be involved in her Agility career."

                                                            -Kathy Marshall, Clean Sweep Agility

After our first lesson I knew there was no turning back. Penelope was destined to show the world that her age was truly just a number and that whatever her daughter was doing, she could do – and perhaps even better!

Penelope just oozes confidence and has a look and attitude that rivals that of any A-list Hollywood Star.

I decided that I really wanted to advertise Penelope's up-and-coming Agility career, mostly because I am just soooo proud of her.  But because we aren't competing yet, I didn't have a picture of her doing Agility. I phoned a photographer friend and asked her to shoot a couple of pictures of Penelope going over a jump at a local show. She agreed, but I don't think she expected what was to come next...

Penelope came parading out 'dressed to the nines' and ready for the velvet ropes! Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Penelope...Whatever she does she does with Style!!!!

– Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett,

I think Penelope's ability to embark on a career in Agility at age 7 is a credit to both her breeding (genetics) and her active lifestyle. Southern California provides an ideal environment for year-round outdoor exercise. Suzzane hits the mountain trails with Penelope and Lava each and every day. They typically hike 2 to 6 miles, rain or shine! They also spend a lot of time at the beach, playing ball in the surf. You can visit their "fun pictures" page to get a glimpse of their charmed existence. Penelope and Lava have every reason to be happy!

Thank you!
I want to thank everyone who wrote – some even called – to wish me a speedy recovery from my shoulder (rotary cuff) injury. I am feeling much better now, with only an occasional mild twinge. I should be back to 100% in another week or two.

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