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 Created: 04/21/03


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Bunny Ears

April 21, 2003 – I hope Goldie will forgive me for turning her into an Easter Dane. It's only temporary. I did a little cosmetic surgery on her face and ears – the procedure is completely reversible, trust me. And she didn't feel a thing.

The inspiration for "Bunny Ears" came from a series of unusual photos I received last February from Lea Van Vleet, a volunteer with the Great Dane Rescue of North Texas.

In May, 2001, a young fawn male turned up as a stray at the local animal shelter. Lea offered to foster him. After ten days, she knew she could never give him up, so she adopted him herself and named him Rabbit. Nobody knows who Rabbit's previous owners were, but they had taken good care of him. He was a wonderful dog, friendly and well-mannered. He knew how to sit. He loved peanut butter. And somebody had done a marvelous job of taping his ears. Simply marvelous. Even now, Rabbit's ears stand perfectly and beautifully erect.

There's only one problem – Rabbit was never cropped!
(((( Click here to see Rabbit. )))))

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