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 Created: 01/20/03


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– Old Friends –

January 20, 2003 – A very special "Happy Birthday!" goes out to Blue Moon Dane's beloved blue babies, Sunny and Deke, who celebrated their 9th birthday last Friday. They are happy, healthy, and living well with their breeders, Anita and Rick Brown, in Alabama.

Anita has this say about them:

Sometimes, if we are very lucky, we somehow get a very special gift in our life. Our first Blue Moon litter was such a gift...

Deke and Sunny were the product of a long, hard labor. Sunny (Blue Moon's Morning Glory CD, CGC) was the second puppy born. She popped out on the living room floor as their mother, Glory, jumped onto the couch. Many hours and four puppies later, Glory produced a dead puppy. It was the seventh pup, and we were sure the rest of the litter was lost. The next puppy out was a little boy. He was not breathing. We frantically worked on the still, silent body. Finally the little fella took a breath! We were laughing and crying and thanking God that we had this beautiful boy, the last one to come out alive. He was very special right from the start, and he eventually came to be known as CH. Blue Moon's Proclaim the Glory. We call him Deacon, or Deke.

Deke and Sunny were such a gift to me. They helped cement a bond with Teresa La Brie and WYSIWYG Great Danes, which has lasted over a decade. They helped me do things I never expected to accomplish or experience. And they have shared a love that makes my life complete. Each year, the best part of the GDCA National is sharing one more time in the ring with them – and watching them as they enjoy being in the limelight yet again. And each year, the hardest part of the National is standing in the ring with my two "old" veterans, wondering if it is the last time we'll be in the ring together, wondering if we will be there together again the following year.

They are the best and the brightest spots in my life. What they give to me is so much more than I can ever give to them. In dog shows, we talk about dogs as "specials." People usually mean this to be dogs that have gone out and competed regularly for Best of Breed. My two blue veterans are both the greatest "specials" you can ever hope for – not necessarily in the breed ring – but as dogs who truly exhibit the best of the breed to everyone they meet. They are dogs that are happy and healthy and thriving into their silver years.

I have had, and will have, many Danes in my life, but these two will always remain in my heart – along with their mother, Glory – as the very, very special loves in my life.
These old friends are truly the best friends.

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