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– In Dog We Trust –

May 20, 2002 – Last month I discovered a well-kept secret. Dogs have their own unique currency. Instead of dollars, they use doglars (details here). Further investigation revealed that each breed has its own version of the doglar – and certain breeds have distinct variations within their doglar denominations. Who would have thought?!

isclosure of the heretofore unknown doglar has generated a lot of interest on the part of humans. Many people have asked me where they can go to purchase doglars. Why do they want them? Don't ask. (Perhaps their dogs have some unmentionably bad habits?) At any rate, I've yet to find a doglar distributor. The Federal Reserve doesn't make them. The dogs themselves are of no help – they are very suspicious of the request and they plead ignorance.

While I can't locate a supplier of doglars, I've managed to obtain a limited number of doglar T-shirts and sweatshirts. These unique garments are available at my commercial website, All the "colors" shown above are available. In addition to Doglar T's, I am offering 12 new designs representing the latest DaDane of DaWeek illustrations.

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