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DaDane of DaWeek

March 11 , 2002 – The "blue" version of the Gardener's Handy Helper Tool, which features a photograph I took of Ch. WYSIWYG's Lothario v Longo (Luca), popped up unexpectedly in the online Dane community last week. It was making the rounds via an email attachment. Over a hundred people received it. As far as I can tell, the only difference between what people were getting in the mail and what you see here is the fact that my ©2001 copyright mark had been removed and somebody else – who will remain nameless – was claiming authorship of the image, as well as putting her own copyright in the message body with a link to her web site. In short, the piece was pirated.

Just for the record, The Handy Gardener's Helper Tool was first published on this web site in May of 2001. It featured a fawn Great Dane, Ch. K-D Dane's Triple Treasure (Trevor). The blue (Luca) version was completed seven months later. The idea and inspiration for the piece came from Debra Rahl, President and Maryland/Delaware coordinator of the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. Debby sent me the following graphic last February, with a note that said, "Here is an example of a post card I did using one of our rescue dogs."

Needless-to-say, I found Debby's postcard hilarious – and clever. I asked Debby for permission to create and publish my own version of the idea, giving her credit for the original inspiration. She graciously agreed. Three months later the "makeover" was complete and The Gardener's Handy Helper Tool made its debut on DaDane of DaWeek.

This discussion may seem trivial to some, but both Debby and I wanted to set the record straight since somebody else has been claiming credit for designing the piece. Teresa Labrie, breeder and owner of Luca, also objects to the unauthorized use and distribution of Luca's likeness by this individual. Debbie, Teresa and I ask that you do not forward the attachment should you happen to receive it.

Now for the important stuff...

Caesar needs a hip replacementI'd like to tell you a little bit more about Debra Rahl's group, the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. MAGDRL is staffed completely by volunteers. It was organized in 1979 to serve the seven states of the Mid-Atlantic Region. As a tax-exempt organization, MAGDRL has continued to grow to meet the ever increasing needs of the region. Last year MAGDRL raised an impressive $120,000 in donations, but unfortunately their operating expenses – mostly in the form of vet bills – exceeded $135,000, so they remain in debt. (Debbie says she's glad she's not the treasurer, or she'd never sleep at night.) MAGDRL volunteers together do an amazing job. They are currently caring for 70 Great Danes, all needing homes!

Last week MAGDRL took in a new rescue named Caesar. Caesar is a lovely one-year-old black Great Dane who was surrendered to the Maryland branch by his owners. Debby says he is suffering from a condition, probably congenital, which has left him with no cartilage in his right hip. His left hind leg is slightly bowed from carrying the extra weight.

In order to function normally and comfortably, Caesar needs a total hip replacement. His owners, who love him very much, surrendered him because they can't afford the surgery and even if they could, they would not be able to provide the necessary aftercare during his recovery period. They felt Caesar's best chance was to go to MAGDRL, even though it means giving him up. It's a tough situation for everybody – especially for Caesar.

After trying to work out a solution with the owners and finding there were no other options for Caesar, Debby and the folks at MAGDRL agreed to take custody. This week they will attempt to work out a plan with the surgeon – obviously, hip replacements aren't cheap. The preliminary estimate for surgery and aftercare is around $4000. Fortunately, due to MAGDRL's solid reputation, many veterinarians and some surgeons provide services to the organization at a discounted rate. Hopefully the estimated fee for Caesar's surgery will prove to be somewhat negotiable – it remains to be seen, though. If any of you would like to help Caesar and/or support MAGDRL's ongoing rescue activities, please visit MAGDRL's web site or contact Debra Rahl directly via email.

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