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 Created: 06/03/02


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– Lost in Space –

June 6, 2002 – I've been experimenting with some new 3-D software, trying to learn how to create convincing landscapes to use as backgrounds in my Great Dane compositions. The learning curve is fairly steep, so I am confining my efforts to skyscapes for now. Eventually I would like to create full panoramic landscapes and more complex vistas.

The seven views you see here today are all completely synthetic, except for the Great Dane, of course. (Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full size version.) Some of you will recognize the Dane because he has appeared here before. Grimm (WYSIWYG's Grimm Templar) is from Houston, Texas, where he lives a very happy life with Zeli and Bret Schulte and his two older "sisters," Circe and Grendel.

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